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Online shopkeepers used to be powerless against abandoned carts, transaction errors, and other hidden issues that unknowingly lose them sales. Live chat is proven to minimize all these by giving customers an open link to you without intruding in their business. Now with TypoChat, we’ve made it even more reliable to make better customer service possible. It’s hassle free on both ends so you can get to chatting with customers in minutes and be reachable with a single click. No tricky installations, no down times, and absolutely no sky high expenses. You can even put it on your website for free.

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Inception of TypoChat
A group of tech-savvy programmers created TypoChat, a live chat software designed to respond to queries in real-time, bolster sales, and expand customer base.
Launch of Mobile App
Recognizing the power of smartphones, TypoChat unveiled its free mobile application to make customer service easier. The app is available on App Store and Google Play.
TypoChat Goes Social Media
Users can integrate their corporate Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ profiles into their TypoChat account to expand their fan base.
Hitting the 90 Mark
Although the company is relatively new in the industry, TypoChat has achieved a 90% customer satisfaction rating in its first three months.
Business Expansion
From 10 programmers, the workforce has grown almost fourfold over the last five months. TypoChat also continues to strengthen its research & development team to come up with better products and services.


Set up in minutes, start chatting in less

Chat boxes as fast as they are sleek

All the perks without the cost


Live Chat Works to Help You

TypoChat lets you reap the benefits of chat by adding a sleek yet non-intrusive button to any page in your website. Visitors with questions or checkout problems simply click this button to start chatting without ever leaving the page they’re on. Your team will then receive their concerns instantly so you can respond with suggestions and solutions just as fast. You can even hold as many simultaneous conversations as you want, switching between them easily through the the built in agent dashboard. Plus, you’ll automatically see information like what page they were browsing to help you help them quicker.

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